Why Buy Hyundai?

Hyundai vs. Kia

You are standing in the middle of the Kunes Country Hyundai of Quincy car lot and think to yourself: Hyundai or Kia? So why buy Hyundai you might ask…

Structure: While Kia offers a sleeker, sporty look, it draws no comparison to Hyundai's deluxe interior and grounded structure making it perfect for safety on the roads.

Target: The market of Kia draws in the younger crowd who are ready to ride in style. However, Hyundai understands that there needs to be a vehicle for every generation and every type of driver. From the Accent to the crossover Sante Fe, Hyundai will have the vehicle for you!

Community: Hyundai has been awarded the #1 in Customer Loyalty for an astounding 9 years in a row! We are dedicated to you…the customer! Just when you think you haven't seen it all, Hyundai is ready to impress. The quality and workmanship put into each vehicle is unmatched by the competitors.